Collection Utah and Northern Arizona

May 23, 2017

Southwest USA—Since moving to Colorado I have been dreaming about a roadtrip around Utah and northern Arizona’s national parks. Arches, Canyonlands, Bryce, Zion. The Grand Canyon. Antelope Canyon and Monument Valley—Navajo lands. Slot canyons and endless layers of mesa and mountain.

Finally, this year, I made it happen. Two weeks in the desert. From the heat of Moab to the chill of ten-thousand-foot summits in Spring, I saw as much as I could. The following is a selection of photographs from those parks and public lands.

Red Mesa Ancient Aliens TV Sheep Layers Transitions Lucky Strike Orange Sunset Compression Backroads Fog at Dusk Trapped Lines Reflections Reflections II Light Walls Grand Canyon Lit Temples Passage Beams Ghosts Sandfall Pictographs